dave the drummer United Kingdom

His phenomenal career made him a pioneer DJ / Producer on the Techno scene.

Founder of the famous Hydraulix label, essential member of the Stay Up 4 ever crew. Dave, it’s a mythical and pointed techno, an underground and modern style at the same time. 

He will bring, for sure, an unforgettable and crazy atmosphere on the dancefloor.

Also he plays the techno style he is currently producing, which focuses on modern sounds. The sounds vary around the speed of 130 bpm and incorporate many of his latest tracks, new versions of artists and associated labels. Please check its soundcloud page if you are not clear on what it is. He occasionally plays "Old School" sets which include Acid Techno hits, but these must be arranged in advance. Dave is really trying to push his recent productions and those of his label Hydraulix, so he does not like being asked to play only old classic songs from 20 years ago without prior agreement.