the malicious one

A lover of Techno music from a very young age, The Malicious One developed his passion for electronic music by crossing numerous festivals throughout Europe, as well as the free parties of his native Alsace. This passion will never leave him, and it is by becoming a DJ that he will start to fully invest in the local scene.

Dj passionate about many styles in the world of electronic music, it is as much by the genre Techno or Psytrance as by dirtier and faster sounds like Indus, Hardcore or even the Tribe that he will note. Curiosity is one of his qualities, and he embarks on an endless search to make you discover new sounds with each of his performances.

In May 2011, he embarked on another incredible adventure and created with his closest friends a non-profit association: Tapage Nocturne Itinérant, today become this agency and very soon a label.

The Malicious One is an indescribable atmosphere on the dancefloor and a phenomenal selecta. A mixing experience as we like it, because his love for music transpires through sound and takes you in a transcendent dance.